Membership means covenant relationships. That you have made a commitment to unite your heart and spirit, your resources and your service to become part of a group or fellowship. Church membership, means more than just being formally inducted into an organization and having your name in a church register. Rather, it is like becoming a vital organ of a living body. (Rom 12:5)

People in our society used to join churches as a formal act of social conformity and acceptance. However, church membership must be first an act of commitment and conviction on the confidence and faith that it is God’s will for you.

Why should I consider church membership?

  • It identifies you as a genuine believer.

  • It provides a family to support and encourage, in your walk with Christ.

  • It gives you a place to discover and use your gifts in ministry and fulfill God’s will in your life.

  • It places you under the protection of godly leaders.

  • It gives you the accountability you need to grow.

Any organ that is detached from the body will not only, not be able to fulfill its purpose, but it will also shrivel up and die quickly. Christians that are not committed to any specific church, experience the same.

Not being part of a church is like being a

  • Football player without a team.

  • A soldier without a platoon.

  • A sheep without a flock.

  • A child without a family.

God does not want his children growing up in isolation. That is why He created a spiritual family on the earth- called the local church.

People are created for the purpose of living in communities, families and loving relationships. This is a natural longing in every human being. Isolation and loneliness often drive people to despair and depression.
A church family provides ‘connection’ for this vital need in man.

“you are now citizens together with God’s people and
members of the family of God.”

Ephesians 2:19 (GNB)

Where should I join?

Which church should I become a member of? This is a question that many of you may have. With so many churches to choose from, sometimes this decision can be confusing.
Should I decide based on race, language, worship style and denomination factors?

  • The most important factor in choosing a church to become a member of should be the will of God. If Jesus is our Lord, then we must submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and not decide in our own reasoning or traditional reasons.

  • Secondly, choose a church that preaches and teaches the full counsel of God’s word without compromise. A church is called, first to be a proclaimer of God’s truth- not just a social gathering with activities. It is a church that teaches the Word of God that will establish you in the faith, and keep you from falling prey to wrong practices and dead spirituality.

  • Another very important factor to consider is choosing a church that is ‘alive spiritually’ with the Holy Spirit and the power of God working in the midst of the members. Spiritual life and growth is nurtured in the company of other believers who are also on fire for God. Evil company corrupts good habits.

  • The church you choose must be a place whose values- that means the practice and lifestyle of Christianity, like leadership, passionate worship, honesty, love, honoring truth, impartiality, handling of finances, sincerity in service, etc, are values you agree with and are inspired to follow.

  • Another absolutely important issue to consider, before joining a church is of language. You cannot grow in your walk with God and in faith, if you are not taught the word of God. You cannot be taught the word of God if you cannot understand the language. Therefore, choose a place where you can understand the language and thereby, the teachings.

  • The leadership of the church is also an important factor. God has designed for us to grow under the able, mature leadership of other men and women of God. The people we follow influence us a lot, and we usually end up becoming a lot like them.
    Are the leaders in the church people of spiritual wisdom and character, with God empowered gifts working in their lives, and with genuine Christian fruit bearing in their life and ministry?
    Paul says, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ”. Do the leaders of the church follow Christ closely and manifest His character and image?

  • Also you can consider other issues like; does the church enable members to grow in their giftings and talents in serving God? Does the church have a vision from God that it is eagerly pursuing in faith? Etc.

When you consider these factors, you will most likely always make the right decision.
However, in the end- it is simply following the will of God in prayer and from the assurance of peace in your heart. Not because of people’s opinions, manipulations and threats or worldly reasonings.


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