Nagamese Ministry

Every Sunday, 3:00 PM IST

The Nagamese ministry started in the year 2009, after Pastor Shan heard from the Lord that the “harvest of the Lord” is among the Nagamese speaking community of the city. The ministry is specifically targeted towards the people who are not comfortable with English. This involves the Naga tribal community, and also other races and people like the Bihari, Bengali, Kachari, Nepali, Garo and Meiteis. Who live and work in Kohima.

The ministry has seen rapid growth with numerous salvations, healings and miracles taking place in the lives of brand new believers. Many from Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and have been baptized.

The ministry ministers weekly through various home fellowships, located in different parts of the city, and also through regular street evangelisms and healing services. The ministry has also started a new congregation at Lerie Chazou Colony

Nagamese is the creole language of Nagaland. We believe the gospel should be shared through every language: and it is our desire to have and to see every person that comes to the knowledge of our church to feel welcomed, accommodated and loved in every way.